Goldeneye Films Founder

Laurence de Mello

Goldeneye Films was founded in  2012 by British investigative journalist & factual TV producer Laurence de Mello, in collaboration with her business partner,

Christopher Creighton aka John Ainsworth-Davis - the mysterious  OpJB (Operation James Bond) author and former British Intelligence agent.


With over 30 years hands on media experience, de Mello was a Senior Producer and Head of Production Management at a leading factual British Film and TV company at Pinewood Studios UK, before moving focus to investigations in South America.

de Mello has produced for and/or with the following mainstream networks;


RAI 1 RAI 2 (Italy) - BBC 1 BBC 2 (UK) - Channel 4 (UK) - Discovery Channel (USA) -Discovery Channel (Europe) - The Learning Channel (USA) - Canal Plus (France) - Canal 5 (France) - Berlusconi Networks (Italy) - NTV (Russia) - History Channel (USA) 


Program collaborations include;


Zulu Wars    -    Essential Television/ The Learning Channel 1996 - 3 Part/series

 (Best Documentary BBC award 1997)


Shaka King of Zulu    (part 1)

Blood River              (part 2)

Red Coat Black Blood (part 3)



The Russian Mummies               - TLC 1997

The History of the Mafia             - Discovery Channel/ The Learning Channel 1998

Quest For Gold                              - Discovery Channel/TLC 5 part series 2000

The Russian Uranium Traffic    - 2001 independent dist.

The Cocaine Triangle Series       - TLC/Discovery USA/Europe

Warrior Island Series 1&2          - A 6 part award-winning ethnographic series for                                                                           Discovery US & Discovery Europe


Conspiracy fact or fiction            - 2002 A 12 part series on various international                                                                             conspiracies 



Now Producing independently for mainstream and alternative Media platforms.


Recent Media appearances covering Goldeneye's Martin Bormann investigation - 

Martin Bormann                           - NTV Russia 2015

Hunting Hitler                               - Arts and Entertainment 2016



Member of The British Association of Journalists (BAJ)

British National

Pseudonym - Ami de Creighton.

Languages: English - Spanish - Italian - Portuguese


Carries BAJ Police registered Press Credentials