Commander Harold Goulding DSO

Goulding was born in 1903 or 1904 to Harold and Alice Goulding in West Hartlepool. His father had served with distinction in World War I as a Warrant Officer First Class, gaining the Meritorious Service Award.

He attended West Brougham school. He married in 1926 and had one son.

He "followed the sea since boyhood, chiefly in merchant ships, and so successful was his career that he had command of his first vessel at the age of 25".

Wartime activities

Goulding worked mainly or exclusively under the Special Boat Service, particularly in a range of positions at HMS Northney (Hayling Island). Goulding's service record was probably deliberately obfuscated in order to provide cover for him while he undertook top secret missions. What does seem clear is that he distinguished himself as outstanding in his energy, skill at both sailing and as a manager and his coolness under enemy fire. Typical of testimonials was Captain Slocum's report of him as "a first class seaman and navigator, and an exceptionally able pilot in Channel Ports and waters".





Churchill's Secret Commander